Wednesday, 30 January 2013

RicoBay Update (3D)

RicoBay Update: 

HeightMap updated and texture on terrain done! No doubt there will be some tweaking of levels for object placement, roads and paths but I'm happy with the overall scale which is important at this stage.

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RicoBay Update (overview)

RicoBay Update: 

After stencilling the previous image in using photoshop and exporting it to a HeightMap I found that the maps contours were too busy. There were too many islands where players could get lost. I decided to re-model the map, keeping the prominent mountain in mind. See the updated RicoBay light map! Updates very soon on the texture map!

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

DayZ Map in the works


I will be creating a medium-sized DayZ map called RicoBay

Ideas have been flurrying around so it's about time I gave Arma Tools a go! See the preliminary height map screenshot for a teaser. It's not much but you can see that there are two main islands with a vantage point right in the centre of one. There will be a city infested and over-run with Z's. I hope to overcome the challenge of creating a good city environment with a unique structure worth exploring.

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Rico Bay